Advocate for Hope


A large group of community members march through downtown Anchorage during winter with advocacy signs

Become an Advocate

Advocates throughout Alaska work year-round to educate local lawmakers and community members about the challenges faced by individuals and families with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These efforts are essential to driving positive change and ensuring that the voices of those with disabilities are heard and valued.

Hope Community Resources, Inc. is actively engaged in Alaska's primary advocacy coalitions for disability and mental health. Michele Girault, Hope’s Executive Director, serves as the President of the Board of the Key Coalition of Alaska. This organization unites primary stakeholders, their families, Care Coordinators, provider agencies, and support staff to collaborate and advocate for policy and practice changes that enhance the lives of Alaskans experiencing disabilities.

We invite all stakeholders to join our advocacy efforts. Your support and participation will make our voices louder, helping to advance our mission and create lasting positive change. Whether you are a family member, service provider, community member, or concerned citizen, your voice is important. Stand with us as we advocate for the rights and well-being of Alaskans with disabilities.


Key Campaign

The Key Coalition of Alaska is a leading advocate for disability services in the state. Comprised of Peer Power Alaska, families and supporters, Alaska Association of Developmental Disabilities, and the Alaska Alliance of Direct Support Professionals, the coalition works to address the needs, gaps, and barriers faced by individuals with disabilities. Each year, the Key Coalition hosts the 'Key Campaign,' an impactful event where advocates from across Alaska converge on the state capitol to present their priorities to legislators. During the Key Campaign, participants share their personal stories and highlight the critical issues affecting their lives, striving to influence legislative decisions and promote positive change.

A large group of community members march through downtown Anchorage during winter with advocacy signs

The Key Campaign, held every February, is a major event in Alaska's advocacy calendar. This campaign sees families, advocates, and supporters come together to make their voices heard in the state legislature. The campaign includes:

To participate in the Key Campaign or learn more about how you can get involved, visit the Key Coalition of Alaska's website or follow the Key Coalition of Alaska on Facebook.


Get Involved

Your advocacy can make a significant difference in the lives of the people who choose Hope's services. By joining advocacy efforts, attending events, and engaging with policymakers, you help ensure that their needs and rights are prioritized and addressed. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive community for all Alaskans. For more information on how to become an advocate or to get involved with our advocacy initiatives, please send a message to a member of Hope's leadership team.