Support Hope through advocacy for individuals with disabilities

A large group of community members march through downtown Anchorage during winter with advocacy signs

Whether you’re a self-advocate or advocate on behalf of another, make your voice heard!

Advocates and self-advocates all over the state work year round to educate local lawmakers and community members about issues facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Hope is actively engaged in Alaska's primary advocacy coalitions for disability and mental health. Michele Girault, Hope’s Executive Director, is the President of the Board of Key Coalition. The Key Coalition of Alaska brings together primary stakeholders, their families, Care Coordinators, provider agencies, and the staff providing supports to collaborate and advocate for policy and practice changes that will enhance the lives of Alaskans experiencing disabilities. Each year, Key Coalition hosts 'Key Campaign' where Hope and other members from across the state advocate for an established platform and address needs, gaps and barriers.

The Key Coalition of Alaska is a grassroots organization that advocates for disability services in Alaska. It is made up of concerned citizens, families and service providers. Each February the coalition hosts the Key Campaign where families descend on Alaska’s capitol to bring their priorities in front of the legislators and tell their stories to affect positive change.  Key Chapter Rallies are open to the public to show support for disability services, complete Public Opinion Messages (POM), register to vote and meet other supporters. To participate in Key Campaign, or for more information, visit the Key Coalition of Alaska's website.