Hope's services for individuals with disabilities in Alaska

Map of the state of Alaska, showing the seven regions in which Hope operates

Hope provides services across the state of Alaska, with regional offices that are located in Anchorage, Mat-Su, Kenai, Kodiak, Seward, and Utqiagvik.

Service delivery is customized to meet the unique needs and desires of each community. Below are a few highlights of each region. For additional information, please contact the region’s director.

Anchorage/South Central Region

Our Anchorage region owns and/or leases more than 50 assisted living homes and apartments that provide supported living for adults. It offers in-home supports, child and family services, respite, day habilitation, and foster care supports. It offers mental and behavioral health supports as well as supports for individuals with intensive care needs. It is home to our Community Engagement Center, which houses Hope's Art Studio and Gallery, as well as a recreational facility that offers a variety of activities, classes and camps throughout the year.

Director of Community Support Services: Julie Mettler

Director of Assisted Living Homes: Mark Meyer

Clinical Director: Paul Ingram

Director of Intensive Supports: Heather Sollenberger

Director of Community Engagement: Jenny Moore


Matanuska-Susitna Valley Region

Our Mat-Su region operates several assisted living homes, provides supports to a number of foster families and supports the Willow Ranch, an intentional community focusing on a rural lifestyle.

Director of Community Support Services: Pam Hawkins


Kenai/Soldotna Peninsula Region

Our Kenai region operates many assisted living homes for adults and supports foster care providers and families. It is home to Hope's Kenai Community Center which provides space for recreational activities, classes, and community gatherings. And it is the home of Hope's first Intentional Neighborhood, where residents have the opportunity to live a country lifestyle with daily access to their greater community.

Director of Community Support Services: Gayle Wilson


Kodiak/Aleutian Chain Region

Our Kodiak region operates an assisted living home and a group of apartments supporting independent and semi-independent living needs. The majority of the services are centered around independent and family supports. This region is very community-oriented and has a community rec center, an outdoor pursuits program and a robust children’s program called 'Little Bears.'

Director of Community Support Services: Pam Hawkins


Seward/Resurrection Bay Region

This region operates two assisted living homes and also supports individuals in their own homes. The program is supported by an active Seward Community Resource Team who advocate and fundraise on behalf of their neighbors who experience disabilities.

Director of Community Support Services: Pam Hawkins


Utqiaġvik/North Slope Borough Region

In addition to offering in-home and respite supports, this region operates an assisted living home for mental and behavioral health.

Mental Health Home Alliance Coordinator: Momodou Mboob