Our Mission, Vision and Values


A man and woman in Hope's Art Studio holding up artwork and smiling.


Our Mission

To provide services and supports, requested and designed by individuals and families who experience disabilities, resulting in choice, control, family preservation and community inclusion.


Our Vision

As members of the community of Hope, we believe that our actions of kindness, fairness, trust, compassion, forgiveness and understanding derive from a shared kinship, founded upon values and grounded in integrity, loyalty, wisdom and our belief in the importance of dreams.

We approach each person and each day with balance, commitment and vision. This assists us in building inclusive communities that promote intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development within one another while allowing for healthy conflict. It is our desire to build a legacy of sustainable excellence based on continuous learning, reflection, evaluation and innovation, all of which create outcomes that better human kind.


Our Vision for 2024

Our vision for this year specifically is to continue pursuing a world where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live and thrive in their communities of choice. Through inclusive communities, impactful partnerships, innovative programs, joyful events, sustainability, and advocacy in action, we will continue to break down barriers and foster a society that values diversity and inclusion.

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Our Values


Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization providing community supports to hundreds of individuals and families who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, and mental health challenges. We provide services through regional offices located in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, the Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak, Seward, and Utqiagvik.


Who We Serve

The people who choose our supports range in age from infancy to the elderly, are of diverse ethnic background, and experience a range of disabilities. We provide a wide array of services, including but not limited to supported and independent living environments, intentional neighborhoods, foster care, family habilitation, respite, behavioral and mental health supports, day habilitation, after-school programs, and vocational and recreation supports. Each person's services are tailored to meet their unique needs and requests.


What We Believe

Our mission of support is based on an individualized approach, believing that each person has unique needs and must be the chief architect of their own service delivery plan. By listening to the dreams of the individuals and families who choose our supports, we are able to provide unique opportunities, create new living environments, and expand programs that fully encompass the needs of families. As a result, our community supports are as diversified and as personalized as the dreams of each person.

At Hope, we believe...
...in the dignity of life.
...in doing the right thing.
...that within each person there is an essence of beauty, value, worth, and goodness.
...in selfless leadership.
...that compassion and forgiveness are virtues.
...that understanding and effectiveness come with empathy, not sympathy.
...that all people seek a sense of belonging and competence to feel worthwhile.
...that conflict is “normal.”
...that magic moments not only happen but can be fostered.
...in the importance of an ethical and moral foundation within a spiritual life.


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