Hope's Organizational Culture

A group of seven staff members from Hope's Discovery Center stand together. Several of them hold up peace signs and are wearing face masks.

Organizational Wellness

We recognize that to be a healthy organization, we need to be intentional about our wellness strategies for our employees and those who choose our supports, so we strive to infuse wellness into the very fabric of Hope. 

At Hope, we promote:


The Foundation of Hope

We have developed an organizational culture based on beliefs, values, mission, vision and expectations. This culture forms the foundation of our agency, and it informs what we endeavor to accomplish in Alaska and around the world. The primary focus of our services is to promote full, inclusive and meaningful lives for the people who choose our supports.


Agency Principles

Another component of our foundation is the belief and adherence to clearly established guiding principles. These principles recognize our responsibility to everyone who chooses our supports.



Whether a full spectrum of services are chosen through Hope, or just one component, we view our relationship with individuals and families as a partnership.

In order for a partnership to work, it is essential that all parties work together to:   

The commitment to a partnership is a very important component of our agency culture. Through this practice we believe that families and individuals can build trust and find security in our service mission. In return we expect open and respectful communications as we journey together.