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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the waiver? The Medicaid Choice Waivers are one funding source to assist you with service and support needs if you or a family member experiences an intellectual or developmental disability. 

  2. What is the new Individualized Supports Waiver (ISW)? The Waiver is targeted for both individuals who are currently receiving services from the Community and Developmental Disabilities Grant (CDDG) program and individuals without supports on the Developmental Disabilities Registry and Review (DDRR).  ISW Supports and Eligibility

  3. How long does it take to get Waiver services? Timelines can vary but there are many ways Hope can provide immediate guidance and assistance, while working with you to put more long-term supports in place.

  4. Are there grant services available?  There are limited grant services available through Hope, which are funded by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Senior and Disability Services.  For more information about the Developmental Disabilities Grant visit

  5. Is my family member eligible for services? Visit Services

  6. What types of services do you provide? Visit Services Overview

  7. Can you help me fill out the state’s disability paperwork for my family member? Visit Services

  8. My family member who experiences a disability is grown and wants to live elsewhere. Can you help? Visit Community Living Options

  9. My family member who experiences a disability would like to find a job. Can you help? Visit Supported Employment

  10. My family member is experiencing behavioral problems in addition to his/her disability. Can you help? Visit Behavioral Health Supports

  11. My family member is experiencing mental health issues in additional to his/her disability. Can you help? Visit Mental Health Supports

  12. What types of recreation programs do you offer? Visit Recreational Opportunities

  13. How do I become a foster parent? Visit Be a Foster Parent