Community living for adults and children with disabilities


A man in a t-shirt rakes the lawn, and another man in a red sweatshirt walks past him carrying a bag of groceries.


Community living supports offers children and adults the assistance they need to live in and participate in the community of their choice. Hope offers the following services through community living.

In-Home Supports

Sustain a healthy, thriving family through unique supports provided in your home.

Supported and Independent Living

Live, learn, and grow in your chosen environment with individualized assistance in daily living activities. We currently have openings in unique living enviornments in Anchorage, Kenai, and Kodiak. For more information, contact our New Services team by email or by calling 907-433-4897.

Intentional Neighborhoods

Live, learn, and recreate together in an intentional community. These environments are designed and chosen by people who share a common vision of living with or near like-minded people, the sharing of resources, and enhanced social supports.

Foster Care

Supports children and adults in loving family settings when residing with their own family is not a viable option.

Family Habiliation

Like Day Habilitation but instead of learning social skills in a community setting, individuals learn skills in a family setting. Family Habilitation is a voluntary service that supports children under the age of 18 to learn life skills. Although goals are chosen on an individual basis, the skills of house hold chores, food preparation, money management, and living peacefully with house mates are cornerstones of Family Habilitation. It is truly a valuable resource for families and children/young adults to learn and grow.


Offers short-term care for your family member, utilizing trained professionals.