To meet the ever-growing desire of people to have more inclusive recreational and educational opportunities, Hope has focused efforts on maintaining and expanding programs throughout Alaska. Community members are invited to participate in the activities offered through our various community centers and programs. For more information, we invite you to contact the individual program you are interested in.


Community Engagement Center

Located in Anchorage, the Community Engagement Center provides a variety of programs and activities for people of all ages and abilities. The center is home to Hope Studios and Gallery, Bridges Play Center, Camp Cara, summer camps, adult programming, kids and teens afterschool programs, dance, cooking, photography and technology classes, and adult exercise and nutrition classes. For more information, call 907-433-1700.


Kenai Community Center

The Kenai Community Center is home to all of Hope’s Kenai Peninsula recreation and educational activities. For more information, call 907-260-9469.


Kenai Intentional Neighborhood

With collaboration and partnership with founding advocates, families, community sponsors, Hope has a 20-acre Intentional Neighborhood on the Kenai Peninsula, including six homes and a central clubhouse-style gathering place. Members living withinin this neighborhood share the common philosophy of enjoying a country lifestyle while having daily access to their greater community around them. Growing plants, raising a garden, animal husbandry, and country walks are all examples of activities to do around the homes, and attending church services, shopping, and going to the movies are examples of activities the individuals are able to enjoy in the greater community.


All Birds Center

In the heart of the Mat-Su Valley is Hope's All Birds Center (ABC). The ABC hosts an art studio, an evening program for young adults, a wellness program, and a variety of other classes. For more information, call 907-357-3750.


Kodiak 'Emerald Island' Recreational Center

The Adult Recreation Program runs year-round, Monday through Friday. It includes a wide array of community-based activities and overnight hunting and fishing trips.

The children’s program, Little Bears, operates after school and in the afternoons when school is not in session. It focuses on helping kids learn and practice appropriate social skills, assisting with homework, and any specific family-directed goals. Field trips provide the children opportunities for community involvement and ways to practice the skills they have learned. For more information, call 907-512-2500.


Outdoor Pursuits

At Hope we recognize the importance of nature, culture, and outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and other subsistence pursuits. These opportunities are incorporated into support plans as requested by support recipients and their families.


The Willow Ranch

The Willow Ranch is an example of Hope providing opportunities for people experiencing disabilities to actualize their dreams. Situated on 70 acres with an infrastructure that supports hunting, fishing, trapping, animal husbandry, gardening, wood-working, mechanics, raising and selling livestock, and many other aspects associated with living off the land in a rural environment, the program promotes self-sufficiency, independence and full lives.