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Research and Development

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Research and Development

At Hope, Research & Development (R&D) is an integral part of program development and service delivery. It helps us to identify, initiate, and promote best-practices in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. There are a variety of research opportunities at Hope for researchers and students interested in the field of human and social services, intellectual and developmental disabilities, recreation and art therapy, healthy aging and wellness, and much more. R&D also works closely with the Hope Ethics & Human Rights committee. For more information on research at Hope, please contact Dr. Britteny M. Howell, at or 907-433-4718.

Why R & D?

The R&D committee at Hope was created to improve service delivery. With a solid understanding of the scientific method and various research methodologies, R&D is able to complete mission-driven projects that demonstrate added-value to the lives of people we support. Hope is able to continuously improve the quality of services that we deliver through such ongoing evidence-based approaches. By conducting high-quality research studies, we are also able to contribute to the published research, allowing other researchers and agencies to implement the strategies that best support a meaningful life.

R & D Committee Members

Roy Scheller, PhD, Executive Director

Britteny Howell, PhD, Research & Development

Tonja Rambow, Deputy Executive Director

Michael Bailey, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Michele Girault, MBA, Senior Deputy Director of Community Supports

Robin Siverson, Management Analyst

Rick Benjamin, Director of Spiritual Wellness

Joe Sonnier, Employee Education Specialist

Eileen Lally, MSW, volunteer

Travis Hedwig, PhD, UAA Health Sciences

David Rambow, EdD, Wayland Baptist University

Don Ashely, PhD, Wayland Baptist University


We collaborate with researchers from local and national universities as well as with other service agencies, including:

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The Research and development Committee operates in accordance with Federal Regulations §46.102(i) regarding protection of human subjects, the standards of the professions represented on the committee, the standards reflected in the bioethics literature, and personal, agency and community values.