Outdoor Pursuits

For more than 20 years, Hope's Outdoor Pursuits program has helped Alaskans have the opportunity to enjoy and partake in outdoor activities. We now have more than 200 program participants across our state, and that number continues to grow. Hope offers Outdoor Pursuits programs in Anchorage, Kenai and Kodiak. Trained staff provide supports for people to hunt, boat, fish, trap, kayak, snow machine, camp, boat, berry and plant pick, and hike throughout our beautiful Alaskan landscapes.

Hope owns and operates a a ranch in Willow that sits on 70 acres with an infrastructure that supports hunting, fishing, trapping, animal husbandry, gardening, wood-working, mechanics, raising and selling livestock, and many other aspects associated with living off the land in a rural environment.

Another component of Hope's Outdoor Pursuits program is subsistence and cultural pursuits. These services are designed around individual needs and desires with a focus aimed at offering traditional subsistence activities characterized by hunting, gathering, fishing, trapping, and sharing, as well as in creating traditional arts and crafts. This focus is implemented through the use of specially adapted and accessible boats, snow machines and all-terrain vehicles. In the more remote regions of Alaska, our subsistence activities have enabled individuals to meet about 90% of their need for fish, game meat, and berries. It also encourages individuals to gain valued social roles in their community by providing for elders, bringing supplies to their family, and sharing with their friends.