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Celebrating National Nurses Week

Alaska, May 9, 2018—As this is National Nurses Week, please assist me (Executive Director, Roy Scheller) in recognizing the amazing Hope nurses who not only support a wide variety of those receiving supports but also are part of how I have managed to keep my own presence here in the agency.  Each of our nurses have regular assigned roles and responsibilities as well as the willingness to visit people in the hospital, attend funerals, provide hospice supports, assist someone with their diagnosis or medications, and intervene when someone’s health requires it.  Additionally, I have observed our nurses supporting our coworkers with medical advice, verbal supports, understanding family member’s medical challenges, and even doing blood pressure checks on CEO’s!  At times they have packed a bag and flown to the more remote areas of Alaska in order to administer health supports to those in need.

As we support many people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accidents and illnesses do occur.  It is at these times when they have shared their gift of professionalism, order, and calmness.  It would be impossible for me to recall all the times in the past 40 years when I was able to sleep at night as a result of a nurse’s report or advice; the quality and extensiveness of their medical records; or their ability to inform regulatory bodies of the medical necessity of Hope’s actions.  In all of these moments, I do not ever remember seeing a nurse who was not cool and calm; thereby keeping the rest of us cool and calm.

When you see one of our nurses please thank them for their service and support to all of us at Hope.  There has always been a team of nurses at Hope and always will be.  They are one of our corner stones in the provision of care and supports to the vulnerable children and adults of Alaska. I wish all of our nurses a very happy National Nurses Week!

Kenai Intentional Neighborhood Update

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska—The Kenai Intentional Neighborhood, which broke ground in August of 2016, is close to becoming a reality for the families who have held onto this dream for many years. 

We are truly grateful to the Reitman Family Trust and The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for their generous funding towards phase one of this project, the site preparation, which was completed in August of this year.  Thanks to financing from Alaska Housing and Finance Corporation, phase two, the construction of the homes, has begun and will continue into the New Year.  Eleven of the 12 individuals who will be living in this community have been identified and are readying themselves for the move to their new homes this coming spring.  They are extremely excited about their new homes and neighborhood.

An intentional neighborhood creates opportunity for a greater sense of continuity and security for parents. Joining together with other parents or individuals with like interests and the understanding of the challenges associated with living with a disability creates a neighborhood culture of care and support.

“You cannot imagine how relieved we feel watching the walls go up!  Kara will have a permanent place to call her own, in a neighborhood that offers her the out-of-doors and recreational lifestyle that will bring joy.  We are so grateful for the support we’ve received in helping us build a neighborhood full of meaning and opportunities!  I wish everyone could see the smile on Kara’s face when she says ‘my house.’  Thank you for that!”— Mark and Kathy Fitzgerald

“It's hard to believe that moving into our beautiful neighborhood is just around the corner. After many years of working, planning, struggling and lots of help, we are finally there. It often felt like this day would never come. I'll never forget how thrilling and how excited we all were when the groundbreaking happened. Watching those lots get cleared, the roads go in and the pads being built up made it all very real. Without your help, I know that we wouldn't be where we are today. I believe we are looking at a new way to provide services to our most vulnerable adults. Thanks to you and your generosity, you are a part of a positive change for our state. We are so grateful for all the opportunities this community is providing for our loved ones. Thank you so much for believing in us and our vision.” —  The Hamilton Family

Phase three, the construction of a community gathering place and outbuilding, landscaping and road paving will begin in the spring of 2018.   We are very excited to announce that the Rasmuson Foundation has just awarded Hope $330,000 towards this phase of the project!  We continue to be extremely grateful for their ongoing support of our capital projects.

After School Program

Anchorage, Alaska—Hope is launching an After School Program in the Steve Lesko Discovery Center. This program is for school aged children between the ages of 11-14 and will provide skill acquisition supports. We anticipate this program to begin on October 16, 2017 and to follow the Anchorage School District 2017-18 calendar.

This new addition to Hope’s array of services and supports will also include trips into the community to practice skills that are learned. For additional information please see the flyer here. Note that enrollment will be limited. If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to contact Courtney Wise at 433-4864, or It is our intent to provide parents with sufficient information to make an informed decision and commitment to participate in this new program.

State DD Shared Vision

Alaska—Between October 2016 and January 2017, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority - in partnership with the Alaska Association on Developmental Disabilities, the Governor's Council on Disabilities & Special Education, and Senior & Disabilities Services - sponsored a statewide outreach process to gather input on what the future developmental disability service system should look like. This process resulted in this Shared Vision for the future.

Alaskans share a Vision of a flexible system in which each person directs their own supports, based on their strengths and abilities, toward a meaningful life in their home, their job and their community. Our Vision includes supported families, professional staff and services available throughout the state now and into the future.

Now the work to make the Vision REAL is starting.

A video has been created describing how this work is being organized as well as ways to get involved.

Here is the link to the video without the reader: DD Services: A Vision for the Future. Here is the link with the reader for viewers who may need this accommodation: DD Services: A Vision for the Future (with reader)

Spread the word and help shape the future service system!

Family Seeking Partners in Sustainable Housing for Adult Children with Developmental Disabilities

Eagle River, Alaska—August, 2018 - A family from Eagle River is looking for other families interested in creating long term, sustainable housing for their adult children. The individuals interested in this potential should have an Alaskan HCBS waiver available to them. If interested, please read more to see if our perspectives are of interest to you.

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