Hope's Leadership Team

Hope's Leadership Team

To reach out to a member of Hope's leadership team, refer to the contact information below.

Michele Girault

Executive Director

Michael Bailey

Deputy Executive Director

Tom Hiratsuka

Chief Financial Officer

Jo-Anne Sullivan

Deputy Director of Health & Wellness

Dr. William Browner

Medical Director

Sharayah Talarovich

Chief Workforce & Risk Officer

Dr. Roy Scheller

Executive Emeritus

Raymond Collins III

Program Administrator

Paul Ingram

Clinical Director

Heather Sollenberger

Director of Intensive Supports

Julie Mettler

Director of Community Support Services (Anchorage)

Pam Hawkins

Director of Community Support Services (MatSu, Seward, Kodiak)

SaVina Haywood

Director of Community Support Services (Kenai)

Brianna Campbell

Director of Assisted Living Homes

Jenny Moore

Director of Community Engagement (Lesko Discovery Center, Hope Studios, Willow Ranch)

Caitlyn Scott

Director of Human Resources

Anthony Patarini

Director of Information Technology

Jared Davis

Director of Properties & Maintenance

Robin Siverson

Corporate Culture Director

Rick Benjamin

Director of Organizational & Spritual Wellness