People helping people—we have always relied upon the kindness and compassion of the community to assist us in meeting the needs of the people who choose our supports. 


Why volunteer?

Volunteering to share your gifts of time and talent can be enriching in a variety of ways. We welcome volunteers as a way to build partnerships with business or service groups, enable community members to share specific skills or explore career options, fulfill school or employer service expectations, or provide a way to support a cause you feel passionate about!

Volunteering can occur to support an event, as part of academic requirements or an on-going experience.


Special Events

We love community involvement in our events! If you’re interested in learning more, please call 907-433-4914 or e-mail developmentoffice@hopealaska.org.


Hope Studios

The studio is a lively place that will lift your spirits and inspire your inner creative energy!  Volunteers are always welcome in Hope Studios to assist in the collaborative process and be part of the creative team. You don’t need to be an artist to contribute. If you are interested in joining this fun team please contact Jenny Moore at 907-433-4797 or hopestudios@hopealaska.org.


Hope Studios Gallery

The gallery is looking for cheerful people to assist with greeting customers, cashiering and inventory and other retail activities in the gallery store. This is an excellent opportunity for seniors or other adults with customer service experience or interest. If you’re interested in volunteering at the Gallery, call Jenny Moore at 907-433-4797 or email jmoore@hopealaska.org.


Volunteer Program

Hope has created partnerships with several universities throughout the United States and other countries to support students in fulfilling internships and practicum programs for their degree requirements. Other students participate because it’s an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the field of disabilities. Opportunities are available; however, they are limited.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Michele Girault via email or by calling 907-433-4705 prior to filling out an application.