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Corporate Culture

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Our Corporate Culture

The Foundation of Hope

We have developed a corporate culture based on beliefs, values, mission, vision and expectations. This culture forms the foundation of our agency. It is the essence of why we exist as an agency, and what we are trying to accomplish.

An emphasis on promoting full, inclusive and meaningful lives for all those who choose our supports is the primary focus of our services.

Agency Principles

Another component of our foundation is the belief and adherence to clearly established guiding principles. These principles recognize our responsibility to everyone who chooses our supports.

Corporate and Spiritual Wellness

Wellness is infused into the very fabric of Hope. We recognize that to be a healthy organization, we need to be intentional about our wellness strategies for our employees, as well as those who choose our supports.

At Hope we promote:

  • Work-life balance
  • Belonging to something bigger than ourselves
  • A culture of giving—internally and externally
  • Healthy lifestyles—mind, body and spirit
  • Cultural diversity