Child & Family Supports

Hope Community Resources is committed to providing collaborative, meaningful, and compassionate supports to families and children of all ages. We believe in partnering with families and individuals who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities.  At Hope we believe in the use of family-centered supports, self-determination and active engagement.  In an effort to serve families and their unique needs, Hope offers many different types of supports and programs:

Community: We provide opportunities to participate in community-based activities with the support needed to achieve desired goals, such as increasing safety skills, building social skills, learning to navigate the community, etc.

Home: Hygiene, homework, chores, and cooking are just a few of the areas where staff can provide support to help your child safely learn more independent living skills.

Respite:  Staff can spend time with your child doing fun activities (not goal-focused) while the rest of your family has the opportunity to do other activities you might not otherwise be able to do. 

Programs: Hope offers various after-school programs and opportunities designed to meet age, support, and therapeutic needs;

At Hope we believe in community and all that it has to offer.  We continue to gather information about other helpful programs and services statewide for families.  If you are looking for assistance with something not included in our list of resources, please contact the Director in your Regional Office:

Anchorage: Julie Mettler, Paul Ingram

Kenai: SaVina Haywood

Mat-Su: Pam Hawkins

Kodiak: Pam Hawkins

Utqiagvik: Stan Cole


Lending Libraries

A lending library is a collection of equipment and/or technology that may be loaned out to families and individuals in need. This would be an excellent option for those without insurance or are unable to pay for expensive equipment. These loaned items provide a temporary solution to a child in need.


Hope's CCSN Lending Library

Our Lending Library provides access to adaptive equipment and technology to meet the needs of children with complex support needs.

Hope's Children with Complex Support Needs (CCSN) Lending Library is a "loaner" program. It is designed to provide an opportunity to try different adaptive equipment and technology prior to purchasing an item to ensure it is appropriate for the child. 

It is also a means for children to obtain needed specialized equipment on a temporary basis as they develop or are waiting for their equipment purchase to be approved or received. It is not intended to be a family's first and only resource for long-term equipment needs.

Who can borrow equipment? Any family with a child who experiences complex support needs, regardless of income level, may borrow appropriate equipment as long as they agree to our terms and conditions in the Borrow Agreement.

How can I ensure a piece of equipment is right for my child? The family must have a therapist's recommendation for specialized equipment that requires fitting or calibration. If the family does not have a therapist or funding for a therapist, it is possible for the family to request a therapy consultation through this program.

How long can I keep the equipment? There is currently a three-month limit to each piece of loaned equipment. Specialty equipment may have time limits of two weeks to two months. If no one has put the equipment on hold after your loan period, the loan may be extended. 

How many pieces of equipment can I borrow? A family can borrow two pieces of equipment at one time, subject to availability.

What type of equipment is available? Currently, there is a limited selection of items available. As the program develops, we will be looking at additional items to add to the inventory.

Available at this time:

  • Height Right Chair w/tray, seat and back cushions, and pelvic positioner
  • Posture Systems
  • Upsee walking harnesses
  • Body Up mobile patient lift/transport
  • Bumbo Chairs w/tray
  • Step-by-Step Choice communication switch
  • Powerlink 4
  • 7-Level Communication Builder
  • Adaptive Gumball switches
  • Adaptive mounting systems
  • Noise cancellation headsets
  • Eye Mobile Mini Bundle
  • Communication software w/iPad:
  • Proloquo2Go
  • Proloquo4Text
  • TouchChatHD
  • Pictello

This library is funded through the Grace & Aram Wolf Memorial Fund, which is dedicated to serving children with complex medical conditions and funded by the Wolf family.


Austin's Compassion Exchange (ACE Lending Closet)

Austin's Compassion Exchange is a medical lending closet based in the Mat-Su Borough. Many businesses and community members have donated supplies and equipment to ACE in support of providing as many resources to families in need. Examples of items that may be available*:

  • Canes
  • Crutches
  • Shower and Tub Benches 
  • Shower Chairs
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Other Specialized Equipment and Supplies

*Please note that availability is based entirely off of whether or not items/supplies have already been loaned out to another family or individual in need

 There are no requirements for renting out equipment. To get more information regarding ACE Lending Closet, please visit:


Opportunities in the Community

Here is a list of playgrounds around the Anchorage area!



Purchase weighted clothing that helps children with sensory processing and other neurological disorders here.

Alaska Youth Soccer

Special Olympics

There are trainings available at Stone Soup Group for family members of youth who experience an intellectual or developmental disability (topics include Building Strong Parents, What to Know Before We Go, Positive Solutions, and Autism Support & Play Group). Check out their calendar here!

This page is constantly evolving to better support the community at large. Is there information missing from this page that you believe other parents or family members would benefit from seeing? Please email us at with any suggestions you have to help a family that may be feeling lost or may need some guidance!