Behavioral & Mental Health Supports

We believe that everyone benefits from support to live a healthy and productive life. Individuals who experience an intellectual or developmental disability can experience behavioral challenges that stem from a variety of issues, including mental health challenges. We are committed to meeting their needs whenever possible.


Behavioral Supports

We employ several well-trained and qualified Behavioral Support Specialists, who assist individual support teams in identifying and developing appropriate, meaningful and sustainable behavior supports that are aligned with our values. We utilize effective positive behavior support models that fit well into our person-centered planning process. 

Once developed, these strategies are then integrated into the person’s overall support plan to assist them in leading a full life.


Mental Health Supports

The mental health support team specializes in supporting people who are dually diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities and experience a mental health challenge.

Assisting individuals in developing healthy, sustainable relationships, while learning to live with mental health challenges and a developmental disability is our goal. Services include clinical assessment, individual/group/family therapy, and individual/group skill development activities.

Please contact Paul Ingram by clicking here or by calling 907-433-1733 for more information on the services we offer. If you are looking to make a referral for mental health services, email the team at or call 907-433-1732.